Landscape Installations (New and Re-do’s)

From hedge & shrub removal to installations, we ensure proper soil amendments are made for the plants to grow healthy over the long run. There are many cedar varieties or shrub hedges out there to use, however, we use best judgement call what can be installed and allow you to make a decision.

Some hedges require retaining, berming, or at grade install depending on the landscape. We offer some of these services depending on what needs to be done to ensure a proper install. We source our plants through high quality local nurseries for best results.

New Project Installs

Most of our landscape projects come in the form of new installs where we can bring in the best soils, plants and other landscape supplies to ensure a thorough job. We partner up with designers or planners to come with simple designs that work in your landscape while we bring in our labour force to ensure a proper install.

These projects are mostly worked on during the summer months when we have longer days and drier conditions to work with.

Removal & New Installs

Although we do not advertise for this we generally help our repeat clientele who know us to help them do small makeovers of their garden beds to make for easier maintenance. Same concepts apply when we get fresh from ground project installations and offer year round quality service and consultation with every install. We also provide pruning and trimming the following year to ensure healthy growth and proper shaping and symmetry