Lawn Care Services & Restoration

Whether you are installing a new lawn or top-dressing w/reseeding it is important to maintain the seed consistency in your blend. Sod from turf farms generally have one blend best for sunny conditions only, however, not always suitable for every growing environment such as shade.

We believe in seed to green that way you know which blend is needed if it came to re-seeding in the future and don’t get different green patches in your lawn. From drought to shade tolerant, to full sun or general mix blends we do it all. 

The benefit of using custom seed mix for installs is that you have full control over your lawn knowing the consistency in the long run will be the same with uniform growth and blend! 

Moss, pH, Nutrition & Weed Control

Moss/Weed “Nuking” Program is our famous environmentally way of treating lawns for moss & weeds by using our custom industrial grade iron treatment/blend. We perform this as needed any time from early March to end of October as weather and temperature conditions are important factors. PH for your lawn is important as a general neutral pH satisfies most grass types. We approach each lawn holistically to ensure both treatments work together to achieve best results.

Specific blends of fertilizer are used at different timings during the growing season. The 3 numbers in the Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium are very important to know how they affect your lawn. We educate customers on these and ensure the proper amount and type of fertilizers are used to ensure strong and vibrant grass leaves.